Garden Maintenance

How to maintain artificial grass

Artificial grass is the perfect, low maintenance alternative to natural grass. However, some regular maintenance is recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy of your artificial grass.

  • Regularly remove leaves and debris using a stiff brush or a leaf blower (for best results).
  • Brush against the pile direction of the grass regularly using a stiff brush to lift the grass pile and improve the aesthetic appearance of the lawn.
  • As the surface can be susceptible to airborne seeds, it is recommended that weed killer is applied twice a year to the whole area. If any weeds do grow these are easily removed.
  • If the grass needs cleaned (dog mess etc), it can be washed using a light detergent.
  • Low maintenance

  • Perfect lawn all year round

  • No mowing

  • Great for drainage

If you require maintenance for your artificial grass, Synthetic Grass Solutions offer a variety of maintenance packages.

If you are interested in more information on our maintenance services, contact us via: 01360 621 919