Installation Process

Measuring Area

Firstforturf artificial grass is supplied in 4m and 2m widths and up to 25m length. To cover the area in the example would require a strip of grass 4m wide x 8.1m length and another strip 4m wide x 5.1m length. We always recommend that you add at least 0.1m length onto each strip of grass to prevent leaving yourself short. You should also ensure that you lay the grass running in same direction with the pile direction facing your main focal point.

To complete the join in this example requires 5 linear metres of joining tape and two cartridges of glue (One cartridge of glue covers approximately 3 linear metres of tape).



groundworks step 1

STEP 1:Remove existing lawn and sub soil

Remove existing lawn and subsoil to a minimum depth of 70mm using either a spade, turf cutter or mini digger.

groundworks step 2

STEP 2:Edge perimeter with timber batons

Edge the perimeter with tanalised timber batons and secure into place using wooden stakes. It is recommended that a geotextile barrier is installed prior to a layer of hardcore to prevent weed growth.

groundworks step 3

STEP 3:Cover and compact area with MOT Type 1 stone

On a sub-base lay 50–70 mm of type one stone; to be laid level and compacted using a wacker plate.

groundworks step 4

STEP 4:Cover and compact area with sharp sand

On the prepared sub-base, lay approximately 25mm of sharp sand; to be compacted and laid level. Screed the sand until it is flush with the top of the timber batons.

groundworks step 5

STEP 5:Cover area with artificial grass

Roll out the artificial grass ensuring that the pile direction is facing towards the main viewpoint. Trim the perimeter edges of the grass to make a perfect fit using a stanley knife through the backing of the grass. Secure the grass to timber batons using galvanised screws at regular intervals.

groundworks step 6

STEP 6:Spread and brush in Silica Sand

It is recommended that a dressing of Silica Sand should be spread evenly over the completed installation and vigorously brushed into the grass pile with a stiff brush. This will add weight and help the grass fibres to stand upright.